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Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Release :Version 1.1 of Split N Merge will be Released Soon

What are the new Features?

  • Check for Updates with a Click:The Integrated Update Checker Feature allows you to check if  an update is released without surfing the website manually.
  • Fixed Minor Bugs

Note:This Version will be Provided Free of any charges for the users who have already purchased split n merge.

How to Split or Cut Large Blue ray movies files or BlueRay Images to Parts

Today all Movies and Videos are released in HD or FULL HD.If you need to Split the large movie file or a Blue ray disc Image for storing backup in  DVD's or Flash Drives Split 'N' Merge is the tool for it.

Split 'N' Merge not only allows you to split Large files Quite Easily, but it also allows you to Encrypt or Lock the Contents of the file parts created by using a password.
Split 'N' Merge is a Platform Independent File Split tool available for Linux,Windows and every OS Supporting Java.

Here are the Simple Steps to Split or Cut your Blue ray Disc Images or HD Video files to parts of desired sizes and join the parts easily

  • Select the HD Video or Blue Ray Image file you want to split and specify the size of each part in MB or GB
  • You can also Optionally Generate an Executable Batch file(.bat) to Join the file parts with a Click
  • The Most Striking feature that Split 'N' Merge offers is the ability to encrypt the file parts by a password so that only you can join the files.
  • Don't worry about the Quality , as Split 'N' Merge generates a Blueprint file to maintain the data integrity for every process.
  • The File parts Generated can be placed in any location ie:you can place one part in a DVD another in a Pendrive.The Auto File Part Finder Technique allows you to place the file parts at any location.
  • Merging or Joining is as Easy as Splitting process.Just Select the BluePrint(BPrint.sm)file by from the Merge Panel in Split N Merge,Select a Location to place the Joined File.The Blue Print file can be found in the directory where you have placed the file parts after Splitting.
  • Click on Merge.Provide the password if requested.Done .

Monday, April 4, 2011

Split 'N' Merge :The Ultimate File Split Tool

Split'N'Merge is a file splitting tool that can be used to split large files int pieces of desired size.The file parts can be easily joined with Split'N'Merge GUI or by means of light operatable batch file provided for non encrypted files in windows operating environment.

Split'N' Merge v1.0 has the following features:

  • Easily Splits large files accurately to desired sizes.

  • Light and Portable.No Installation Required and only 430kb on Disk.
  • Advanced Error Handling features prevent accidental data dumpage due to illegal inputs.
  • Optionally encrypt File parts by means of Password.
  • High Data Integrity by Generation of a Blueprint file 'Blueprint.sm' which is required for the GUI to join the  files,this file enables hassle free joining as the user need only to browse and select the blueprint file.
  • Optionally generate a light operatable batch file that can be used to join the splitted file pieces without using Split'N'Merge GUI .This feature is available s in case of non Encrypted Files.
  • Platform Independent.Split 'N' Merge is available for all Operating environments supporting Java.
  • Auto part finder technique allows the Splitted file parts to be stored at different locations.So the user only needs to load the blueprint file and select the required file parts when requested by Split'N'Merge.

    Download Split 'N' Merge from www.brothersoft.com or from the Official Website http://splitnmerge.6te.net